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Ecological Responsibility

Our products are made from materials that consist of natural fibers. For example, a large portion of the cotton in our clothing and accessories comes from controlled organic farming (organic cotton). We regularly have this high standard confirmed by the renowned Dutch organization "Control Union," which certifies the raw materials we use according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

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In addition to our use of organically grown cotton, we are also certified according to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), a leading standard for ethical and sustainable wool production. This certification by the renowned "Control Union" guarantees that the wool in our products comes from sources that meet strict criteria regarding animal welfare and environmental impact, including the avoidance of mulesing and the promotion of biodiversity through sustainable pasture management.

You can find our current certificate here
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Additionally, all materials we use that are not covered by this certification are regularly and intensively tested for harmful substances by the internationally recognized Intertek testing laboratory. Tests include screening for AZO dyes and heavy metals, PCP, TeCP, and pesticides, as well as phthalates in prints. Only after the products pass all these tests do we accept them from our producers.

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Social Resposibility

All merino wool and organic cotton garments we offer are manufactured by our main supplier in New Delhi. This company is also GOTS certified, ensuring that acceptable social standards and humane working conditions are maintained on site. We actively assist a few suppliers who are not yet certified in obtaining their certification.

By sourcing our hand-knit products from the southeastern Indian city of Auroville, HIMALAYA additionally supports a very special project.

Auroville - Amidst this green idyll lies our hand-knitting production facility.

In this project, women from very poor backgrounds are given, for the first time in their lives, the opportunity to earn a regular income under working conditions that are considered good even by European standards. They also benefit from health insurance and a pension fund.

In the traditional cross-legged position, the knitters find it more comfortable to work on the floor. For this reason, all employees and visitors are required to be barefoot.

"For many of the women participating in the project, this work is undoubtedly a very important first step towards independence."

– Roberta Keeping

For more information about the unique city of Auroville, click here.